Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inglorious Box Office Report

Dude here again. I bring you the weekend numbers. Alongside, I offer commentary that's both insightful AND witty. I wouldn't go so far as to say what I write is brilliance, as it's not saving lives or changing the course of humanity. It's not ending wars, feeding the hungry, curing the ill, restoring economies, or anything like that.

But I would say it's just shy of pretty damn brilliant.

This weekend, Tarantino and Brad Pitt sell an art movie to a huge opening! Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. The actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Inglorious Basterds (Wein)- $37.6, 3165 screens, week 1, $37.6 total

2. District 9 (TriS) - $18.9, 3050 screens, week 2, $73.4 total

3. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Par) - $12.5, 3953 screens, week 3, $120.5 total

4. The Time Traveler's Wife (NL)- $10.0, 2988 screens, week 2, $37.4 total

5. Julie & Julia (Sony) - $9.0, 2463 screens, week 3, $59.2 total

6. Shorts (WB)- $6.6, 3105 screens, week 1, $6.6 total

7. G-Force (BV) $4.2, 2561 screens, week 5, $107.3 total

8. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (WB) - $3.5, 1936 screens, week 6, $290.2 total

9. The Ugly Truth (Sony) - $2.8, 1971 screens, week 5, $82.8 total

10. Post Grad (Fox)- $2.8, 1959 screens, week 1, $2.8 total

So those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means that the moviegoing public wanted to see Brad Pitt seek some Nazi-scalpin' justice (even though that's only about a 3rd of the movie). Holding steady after an impressive Friday debut, the latest film from Quentin Tarantino made a nice enough amount to keep the Weinstein Company in business for a few more months.

Tarantino's Grindhouse compatriot Robert Rodriguez released his latest handmade movie for kids, Shorts. Alas, Shorts didn't fare as well as his long time friend's film. At least we'll get Machete!

Post Grad made a mistake by opening late summer, when people are returning to school. this is a movie that should be released as students are graduating. Then, you also have to market it as a horror movie for students who are about to enter thereal world, and discover how frightening the world is these days. Just my two cents, if Hollywood wants to pay me for ideas, I'm always willing to listen.

Below the radar, something known as X Games 3D The Movie opened up. It made $800,000. This news saddens me.

There you have my amazing break down. Next week, an epic showdown, as the sequel to the remake of a long running horror franchise takes on a last ditch 3-D effort to spice a more recent franchise.

Until next weekend.......

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