Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the excitement of other upcoming movies...

I've forgotten about The Expendables, which is due to make sweet love to our eyeballs next year.

It's got this amazing cast. Stallone. Jet Li. Statham. DOLPH FREAKIN' LUNDGREN!! Trejo's in it. so is Stone cold Steve Austin. I think Eric Roberts is in it!!! And now I'm hearing Bruce Willis is gonna have a cameo!

/Film has a video showing just a little bit of footage, but I think as soon as you see this picture, you know what the Academy Award for Best Picture will be in 2010.

If this movie wanted to kick even MORE ass, it would hire all the villains from the old 80s movies, like the guy from Renegade and the lead psycho in Cobra, and Patrick Kilpatrick. Real awesome villains.

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