Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost-Speak 1-31-08

Did you all* catch Lost this evening? (Thursday evening if you're reading this on a day that isn't the 31st). I caught it. I liked it. I like how they're utilizing the flashbacks. I really wish the writer's strike was taken care of so that we can see what's beyond these upcoming 8 episodes.

I don't know who to trust anymore. And who are the 6? so many questions. Comments? (Spoilers allowed in the comments.)

*By all, I mean Tim and Brady, because they're the only ones I know who read the blog and watch Lost. But anyone is welcome to join in the discussion.


-Brady said...

Tim will probably have a better idea than me but I think the 6 are Hurley, Jack, Kate, Barnard and his wife and Aaron, the kid or maybe Sun because she might want to leave because of the mothers dieing and stuff. I think Kate might take Aaron because something bad might happen to Claire. And Did the dude sitting in the chair in Jacobs cabin look like Jacks Dad or is that just me?
Oh and check out this link if you ever wondered what pirates singing Metal sounded like:
Hold Fast-

T-Bone said...

I already know who the Oceanic 6 are, but I won't spoil it unless properly begged. But, you'll know who all 6 (actually 7, but that's a different story)are before the 8 filmed episodes are up.

Finding out who made it off the island is not the end of the story. Its just the beginning.

Oh, and it was totally Jack's dad. he was in the credits, but didn't "appear" in the episode.