Thursday, September 07, 2006

INTERVIEW! With Vida! (You know... "the ass girl")

Hello folks out there in the internet movie fan land! it's your favorite and mine, The Dude here, with another one of my fascinating interviews. This time, the victim is stunningly gorgeous Vida Guerra. Known across the country from her spreads in men's magazines like FHM (which bestowed upon her the "Greatest Butt" award, amongst countless others involving the word "Hottest"), Vida is branching out and doing the whole acting route, beginning with National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2 (now available on DVD). This woman is quite hot. How hot? I brushed my teeth twice, combed my hair, shaved, wore a tie AND pants, everything I could possible do to look good, and it was merely a phone interview.

Enough of my rambling, let's hear what Vida Guerra has to say. (Told in typical fashion by The Dude).

The Dude: I'd like to begin by thanking you for almost getting me fired. While doing some research about you for this, I went to your website ( and my co-workers thought I was looking up porn.

Vida: (Laughter. Genuine laughter, I swear)

The Dude: So how did Dorm Daze 2 come about? Were they seeking you, were you seeking them?

Vida: They were after me. They sent an email to my manager because they really wanted me to do it. So I did.

The Dude: (Long pause) Ah, that's it. C'mon, I got a word count to fill here. (Laughter) Can you tell me about your character in the film?

Vida: I play a virgin named Violet, who is debating whether or not to go all the way with her boyfriend.

The Dude: A virgin deciding whether or not to go all the way. Any chest waxing scenes?

Vida: That's good, that's funny. No, no chest waxing.

The Dude: Marvelous. So... do you go all the way and lose your virginity?

Vida: You have to wait and see for yourself.

The Dude: So, as a virgin, do you have to wear a lot of conservative clothes.

Vida: Yes. It's ugly. Like nothing I've ever worn in my entire life.

The Dude: Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you wearing pants, so this...

Vida: I have pants. They fit very tight.

The Dude: I bet. So Dorm Dazed decides to play with the convention a little bit...

Vida: Yeah, it's fun because people would expect me to play the real sexy role, and this is FAR from it.

The Dude: You get to play a dork! Alright, way to go! Welcome!

Vida: My character starts an abstinence class on campus. It's called "Abstinence is Awesome!"

The Dude: Do you have any good juicy stories from the set you can share?

Vida: No.

The Dude: You know you wanna...

Vida: I'll tell you this: We were shooting on the Queen Mary {Old ship docked down in Long Beach} and I was actually the only person STAYING there, to sleep at night. And that boat is haunted. Every night I kept hearing creepy voices. It could be just because it's an old ship, but it still happened, and it was still a little scary.

The Dude: This happened every night?

Vida: Yeah. And the first night I was there, I saw this giant shadow on the wall, a white shadow, and I thought it was a ghost. I was a little scared.

The Dude: It freaked you out a little bit, huh? Did you sleep much during the shoot?

Vida: Oh yeah.

The Dude: Do you have any other upcoming films?

Vida: I have one coming up. I play a character named Angel, and she's a singer. She falls in love with this guy who doesn't know who she is, and she loves it.

The Dude: Do you sing in it?

Vida: Yes.

The Dude: You do your own singing?

Vida: Oh yeah. I have a CD coming out, too. Yes, I sing.

The Dude: You're an unbelievably successful model, you're taking the movies by storm, and now music. Multi-hyphenate. What kind of music do you sing?

Vida: It's got some R&B, some Latin influences, that kind of feel. It's hot.

The Dude: Cool, cool. Going back to the movies, are there any other kinds of roles you want to play?

Vida: I wanna play a super hero! Like an action role. I like the action.

The Dude: You wanna get on those wires.

Vida: Right, right. I did my own stunts for the last movie. It's awesome.

The Dude: Lots of bruises?

Vida: Not really. There's padding.

The Dude: Awesome. Were the stunt guys proud?

Vida: They were.

The Dude: Of course they were. Let me ask you something: Everywhere on this interweb thing, I find articles and images of you with titles like "World's Sexiest Woman" or "Best Booty", things of that ilk. Do you find it difficult in the business with these attachments?

Vida: It hasn't been a problem at all. I mean, I don't know what they say after I leave the room, but it's never been a problem.

The Dude: They're probably just catching their breath. I wouldn't doubt that. Have you ever been interviewed where a person DOESN'T ask the booty question? Like you go the whole interview and it's never addressed, and thus it's mildly shocking?

Vida: I've never really noticed.

The Dude: I briefly considered saving that question for last, to inspire the hope that I wouldn't ask, but I guess it doesn't make that much of a difference. Do a lot of interviewers ask you out?

Vida: No.

The Dude: Would you like to go and get a drink sometime?

Vida: (Laughs heartily)

The Dude: Maybe go bowling.

Vida: Wait, bowling?

The Dude: Yeah bowling. What's wrong with bowling? I carry a ball in my car at all times just in case. (All true, by the way. What do you expect? I'm the Dude!)

Vida: Nothing's wrong. I like bowling. I'm actually pretty good at it.

The Dude: You could probably kick my ass.

Vida: Probably.

The Dude: Nice. (long pause). you understand, I had to try, right?

Vida: (Laughs) Yes!

The Dude: Ok then. I understand you are a Jersey Girl. I myself, am a jersey guy, so I thought I'd finish up the interview with some Jersey-centric questions. First off: Springstein or Bon Jovi?

Vida: Bon Jovi.

The Dude: Whoa. Didn't expect that one. Ok, do you know what a "jughandle" is?

Vida: Of course.

The Dude: Do people mock you for knowing?

Vida: Not at all.

The Dude: I get mocked all the time for it. Do you know what "disco fries" are?

Vida: Disco Fries?

The Dude: With the mozzerella cheese and the gravy...

Vida: Oh yeah.

The Dude: Not to many of those out West Coast. It's ridiculous.

Vida: Really?

The Dude: Oh yeah. By the way, did you notice my Jersey accent pop through as I asked those?

Vida: I never hear the Jersey accent at all. I never really paid attention to how people speak. Although I do pronounce it "coffee".

{Dude's note: Obviously, the pronunciation of the word "coffee" loses translation on the written page, but she says it like I do, which most people will mock me for}

The Dude: Alright, final statement. I need you to tell every red-blooded male out there reading this why they need to stop whatever it is they're doing right now to go and see Dorm Daze 2.

Vida: It's a hot movie. It has hot chicks in it.

The Dude: That works!

There you have it. Thanks again to Vida for her time, and remember that Dorm Daze 2 is now available at your local video outlet. Or however it is that you get videos I never got to ask her, in the Jersey questions, Yankees or Mets, but I have a gut feeling she would have said Yankees. Which is why we can never be.

I need to point out two real quick things. First off, if you go to, you might want to do it in a private place, because people will think you're looking at porn. And secondly, did you notice how when I asked her out, she didn't technically say no?!? Just sayin', it might be time for me practice my bowling. So i can be beat by a hot girl. Until next time...

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