Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best/Worst of 2010 - Addendum Pt. 1

Catching up on some of the flicks from last year that I haven't seen yet, some of which happen to have been nominated for shiny gold statues.

(Curiously, when I typed "Shiny Gold Statues" into Google Images, the following image came up).
Matt Day-mun!
Of those films, only one has rocketed to the top of my best of list: 127 Hours.

What a tremendous film! I came out of that actually feeling something more than "What a nicely crafted movie about people I don't care about", which is what I felt after the facebook movie.
James Franco overexposure aside, his performance is nothing short of extraordinary. Danny Boyle once again knocks it out of the park in a very tense, very moving, very life affirming flick. Very well done. Truly one of the best of the year, and it's a shame it's getting overlooked for awards.
In a way, that makes it a much cooler movie, but it's a shame not enough people are seeing it.

Mini Tweeners as follows...

The Other Best Picture Nominees I've Seen:
True Grit - Solid, but doesn't feel like a Coen Brothers movie at all. Girl deserves the award, though.
The Fighter - Again, solid. Bale's great, Walhberg's great, it's crowd pleasing and worthy of your time.
The Kids Are All Right - It's fine, everyone's fine, but don't understand the love for it. Frankly, Please Give should have gotten the attention and love this did.
Winter's Bone - Intriguing. I liked seeing this world on film. That girl is deadly serious. 
She makes this face for literally the entire film.

Other nominated films:
Animal Kingdom - Powerful and intense, with some great performances.
Blue Valentine - Great performances, but depressing as fuck. 
Exit Through The Gift Shop - I really dug this flick, even if it is all a hoax. It was cheeky fun.

Not nominated but intriguing nonetheless:
The Killer Inside Me - Brutally violent, intense pulpy Jim Thompson adaptation.
The Square - Not bad Australian noir. A bit too dour, but solid performances.
MicMacs - If you enjoy French whimsy, you'll love this. I quite enjoyed it.
OSS 117 Lost In Rio  - Really fun, French whimsy (these movies are strangely working in pairs). Bonus points for the casual racism!
The Girl with Dragon/Fire/Hornets - I really enjoyed all three of these flicks. Noomi Repace is quite fascinating, and I can't wait to see her in this Ridley Scott sci-fi flick. I can't imagine what Fincher's remake will bring to the table, because these are pretty solid. However, should Fincher make the second film, he should cast Dolph Lundgren in a key role.
You know you'd see this movie.

Not Nominated For Anything and Kinda Lame:
Prince of Persia  - Watching Former Roommate Dan play video games was more enjoyable, better acted, and made more narrative sense than this movie. On top of which, it was boring.

Still Need To See:
The King's Speech - But Marty my Father-In-Law declares it "The Best Movie He's Seen Since Coming Home", so that tells you something right there.
Jackass 3D - I'm shamed for not having seen this yet.

Still Haven't Made it Past These Opening Credits Yet:
Enter The Void

(Not good if you're prone to seizures)

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It's good to know I'm not the only one that hasn't seen some of these.