Sunday, April 04, 2010

Box Office Report: Release the Kraken

Dude here again. It being Easter, I've succumbed to a Ham-and-Peeps-induced coma. So you know what that means. LAZY NUMBERS REPORTING!!!

This weekend, a lot of movies opened and made money! Some in 3-D! Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. The actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Clash of the Titans (WB)- $61.4, 3777 screens, week 1, $64.0 total

2. Why did I Get Married Too? (LGF) - $30.1, 2155 screens, week 1, $30.1 total

3. How To Train Your Dragon (Par/DW) $29.2, 4060 screens, week 2, $92.3 total

4. The Last Song (BV) - $16.2, 2673 screens, week 1, $25.5 total

5. Alice in Wonderland (BV)- $8.2, 2980 screens, week 5, $309.7 total

6. Hot Tub Time Machine (MGM)- $8.0, 2771 screens, week 2, $27.8 total

7. The Bounty Hunter (Sony) - $6.2, 3118 screens, week 3, $48.9 total

8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Fox) - $5.5, 2842 screens, week 3, $46.2 total

9. She's Out of My League (Par)- $1.4, 1390 screens, week 4, $28.6 total

10. Shutter Island (Par)- $1.4, 1356 screens, week 7, $123.4 total

So those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means Clash of the Titans made a bunch of money! Mostly because of 3-D ticket prices, probably, but I'm done bitching about that. Or am I?

Tyler Perry made a sequel that doesn't involve Madea!?!? If his next movie is in 3-D, then Tyler Perry will truly be unstoppable. Like Krull. (See? I didn't stop with the 3-D).

Dear lord, there was a Miley Cyrus movie released this weekend? When will it end? WHEN?!?!?!

Other movies aren't doing so well. But props to Hot Tub Time Machine for not dropping off huge and maintaining some semblance of success, but mostly because I like writing Hot Tub Time Machine as often as possible. (And I don't even get paid to do it).

Below the radar, The Greatest opened up on 8 screens and took in $37,000, which is not exactly the greatest. But that terrible joke is.

So there, you have my amazing break down. Next week is Date Night! And more Kraken.

Until next weekend.......

Michael Buble being stalked by a raptor.
(All Numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

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