Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally getting on top of things, technologically speaking.

And I got myself an IMDB page. I'm working on bulking that up a bit. Don't know if I can find a way to put that Fantastic Mr. Anderson thing up there, but they don't have "Internet Video Interviews" sections on the IMDB.

Buncha jerks.

Speaking of jerks, if I got a Twitter account, would you lose respect for me?


-Brady said...

Welcome to Technology!

I have a Twitterer thing, but don't really Twitterer, basically because I have nothing to say that would interest anyone on the internetz but maybe you do, who knows? The internetz is a big place.

Hold Fast-

Kathleen Ferguson said...

What respect? I mean, yes.

R.BillMountain said...

I demand that you tweet immediately. I demand that you tweet from your seat while watching Avatar. I demand that you tweet while on the commode. To conclude, I need 24 hour access, and only Twitter shall scratch that itch.

Wait, are you Robert Pattinson? No? Then nevermind.