Saturday, December 05, 2009

Brian, the other roommate, is also an actor.

Brian, aka B-Spaz (to those in the hardcore community), hasn't had as much impact on the blog as Dan. For this I apologize, because the guy is even more chock full o' nuggets than Dan is. Although he appeared in this crazy foreign languaged commercial:

Anyway, Brian has passed along this message. He's been selected as one of 25 audition finalists to become a new cast member of an already established webisode series called "Showbizzle" for it's second season. Voting will end on December 10th, so he's kindly asked to visit the site and cast your vote for his video "I'm not an actor." (You may have to register, I'm not too sure yet)

Do the man a favor and cast a vote his way, because the more work he gets, the more he can cover me when my unemployment checks stop coming.

And speaking of me, why not watch that video I did with Jason Schwartzman as Wes Anderson again? Now in the YouTube format. (For any HD viewers out there, I believe this satisfies urges.)

I promise I'll stop pimping it out soon, and start working on the next thing, of which I have no idea how I can top it. Any suggestions? Preferably ones that don't involve stop motion.

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Turkish said...

Pretty cool dude.