Wednesday, June 17, 2009

See Moon!

It's slowly rolling out in theaters this summer, but if you get a chance, I strongly recommend Moon. It features Sam Rockwell as a guy named Sam. And Sam works on the Moon.


For going on three years.

That's all you need to know going in. Revealing any more of the story spoils the fun of the film. If you want something akin to what this movie feels like, think the sci-fi element of Timecrimes. Very simple, logical, organic, and above all, believable to the world it presents.

Know that the production design and FX work are top notch, mixing CG and models almost seamlessly. And Rockwell once again proves that he's the misunderstood genius actor of his generation. His performance should be enough to get him the honor of just being nominated come Awards time. (If there is justice in the world, he'd win, but since it's not based on an actual living being, he won't win).

I just really dug the design of the moon base. It felt straight out of Alien, and other 70s sci-fi flicks. Very "used" sci-fi look. And Clint Mansell's score is still haunting me. Fuckin A, I liked this movie.

I've actually been blessed lately, being able to see entertaining and enjoyable films this summer. Since the Terminator debacle, I've seen and enjoyed all of the following:

The Hangover
(I'm still laughing at it days later. Don't let others ruin all the jokes for you before you get to see it).

Away We Go (At first glance, total hipster wet dream, but movie is solid and sweet and not as arch or precious as the previews make it out to be)

Land of the Lost (I don't know who they decided to make this movie for, but I wound up really enjoying Ferrell and Danny McBride tripping balls and playing Marco Polo).

Drag Me To Hell (Obscene amounts of scares and fun. If you replaced Alison Lohman with Bruce Campbell, it's Evil Dead 4. Side note: Why do demons and evil spirits in the Raimi worls feel the need to beat the ever-loving shit out of you instead of just killing?)

The Brothers Bloom (Solid performances, especially from Rachel Weisz, fun, light, and "fizzy" like a Fanta. It goes on a little long in the end, and loses some steam, but it's beyond charming.)

I haven't seen Wolverine or Up yet, although I want to see both. I also want to see Star Trek again, because I'm a huge nerd.

So there you go, a plethora of enjoyable and entertaining movies worthy of your dollars. But if you can only see one, and have all available to you, check out Moon. You'll thank me. And if you disagree, you can go eat a bowl of dick.

That's right. I went there.

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