Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The single most important reason why Obama needs to win today.

Is not the free donut at Krispy Kreme, or the free coffee at Starbucks. Or the free Chicken sandwich at Chick-Fill-A. (Although that's pretty damn good, too, let's be honest).

No, the single most important reason Obama needs to win today is so that freakin MoveOn.org will stop sending me emails everyday. I realize it's an important election, and there are many issues at stake on the ballot. With the economy as it is (and me recently being let go from my recent promotion), I'm sure that Obama's fiscal plan will help us out in the long run.

But more than anything, I want MoveOn to stop sending me emails every goddamn day. I can't contribute even $25 to help get ads on the air. And I'm tired of signing petitions to stop other petitions. Enough is enough. I can't take four more years of their incessant emails talking about how fucked we are. I know how fucked we are. I live in this world, too. I don't need daily email reminders informing just how fucked up we actually are.

On another selfish side note, no matter who wins, the campaign commercials can finally stop. And for those in California, that means I don't have to watch the Date Rapist go on his claims about nailing underage kids, and sticking the abortion bill to the tax payers. It's a seriously disturbing ad. Not as disturbing as the giant hate message in the sky yesterday. But still disturbing, nonetheless.

So rock on to e-lec-tion ave-a-nue, and Vote on Calrissian! And no on prop 8!

As a reward, enjoy this Survivor song from Rocky IV, or as I like to call it, the only movie where it's okay to route against Dolph Lundgren.

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