Sunday, July 06, 2008

Box Office: Fresh Prince Edition

Dude here again. Thanks for bearing with last week's truncated box office report. I know you come for the goods, and like, 40 weeks of the year I deliver, but sometimes, even a man like me needs a break. Or, wireless internet when I go on vacation. But the places I went to were charging far too much for that, and I don't make as much money from stripping as I used to. Point is...

This weekend, Will Smith tests my juvenile urge to giggle every time someone utters his character's name. Oh and he makes a mint in the process solidifying him as the last true movie star in the world. Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. The actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Hancock (Sony)- $66.0, 3965 screens, week 1, $107.3 total (Wed. open)

2. Wall-E (BV) - $33.4, 3992 screens, week 2, $128.1 total

3. Wanted (Uni) - $20.6, 3185 screens, week 2, $90.7 total

4. Get Smart (WB) - $11.1, 3574 screens, week 3, $98.1 total

5. Kung Fu Panda (Par/DW) - $7.5, 3347 screens, week 5, $193.3 total

6. The Incredible Hulk (Uni) - $4.9, 3043 screens, week 4, $124.9 total

7. Indiana Jones... (Par) - $3.9, 2192 screens, week 7, $306.5 total

8. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (PicHouse) - $3.6, 1843 screens, week 3, $6.1 total

9. Sex and the City (NL)- $2.3, 1275 screens, week 6, $144.8 total

10. You Don't Mess With The Zohan (Sony) - $2.0, 1731 screens, week 5, $94.7 total

So those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means Will Smith can continue to be in whatever the hell he feels like being in, and people will come. Oh my, the people will come. With a five day total equivalent to the Gross National Product of Anguilla, The Fresh Prince can reclaim his crown as the king of 4th of July Weekend, as well as something ridiculous along the lines of most consecutive #1 openings. Records are FUN!

Wall-E continues to kick a lot of ass, as well it should, because that's a damn fine movie. I'm using a lot of profanity in this. Wanted also continues it's cinematic boot to the groin of awesomness. Ass damn hell! Anyway, Hancock (hehe) pretty much had the weekend to itself, although there seems to be a nipping at the heels by Kit Kittredge, another movie about a doll that comes to life and kills people.

(Alright, full disclosure time, I didn't even watch the movies anymore. I just make the movies up in my head, as they're far superior and ultimately more satisfying. And curiously enough feature Dolph Lundgren and dancing Salma Hayek).

Below the radar, a movie called Gonzo opened up on 26 screens and took in about $190,000. Sadly, this is not a biopic of the beloved Muppet, but a doc about everyone's favorite writer and Johnny Depp subject, Hunter S. Thompson. (Fun fact: I have a tattoo of Thompson somewhere on my body. Only Jack Daniels will say where).

And in this week in schadenfreude, let us all observe the sad fate of The Love Guru, which in only it's third week has dropped from the top ten and has yet to reach $30 million domestic gross, which is less than half the film's reported budget. Good times. (I'm mean when I drink. And I shouldn't be allowed to write things when I'm drunk either, but that hasn't stopped me in the three years of doing this).

There you have my amazing break down. Next week, Hellboy has one week to make a lot of money before The Dark Knight swoops down and gives us a spanking we all deserve.!

Until next weekend....

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