Sunday, November 25, 2007

Box Office Report: 11-25-07

Dude here again. It's a holiday weekend, and today's my birthday, so in honor of me and my incredible laziness, I've decided to have a fun Mad Libs inspired box office report. So, enjoy it along with leftovers and that lingering depressive cloud over your head that's reminding you tomorrow's Monday, and the pain returns anew.

This week, we have ______ (number) releases gunning for a chance to _______(verb) last week's champion down to _______ (noun). But only one may call themselves ______ (noun) Let's go to the ______ (plural noun), shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates, the actuals will be ______ (past tense verb) on Monday).

1. Enchanted (BV) - $35.3, 3730 screens, week 1, $50.0 total (Wed Open)

2. This Christmas (ScrGems) - $18.6, 1858 screens, week 1, $27.1 total (Wed Open)

3. Beowulf (Par) - $16.2, 3218 screens, week 2, $56.3 total

4. Hitman (Fox) - $13.0, 2458 screens, week 1, $21.0 total (Wed Open)

5. Bee Movie (Par/DW) - $12.0 3507 screens, week 4, $112.0 total

6. Fred Claus (WB) - $10.7, 3603 screens, week 3, $53.0 total

7. August Rush (WB) - $9.4, 2310 screens, week 1, $13.3 total (Wed Open)

8. American Gangster (Uni) - $9.2, 2799 screens, week 4, $115.7 total

9. The Mist (MGM/Wein) - $9.0, 2423 screens, week 1, $13.0 total (Wed Open)

10. No Country For Old Men (Mira)- $8.1, 860 screens, week 3, $16.6 total

Ok, those are the ______ (plural noun), so what does this all mean? Well, if you're ______ (title of a movie) you have to be pretty excited taking the number one spot. Seems all those comparisons to ______ (title of another movie) didn't stop you from making ______(number) dollars this weekend. Not bad. Pretty impressive actually given it's ______ (noun). But, don't discount the alluring power of ______ (name of person in the room) with a shaved ______ (noun).

If you're _______ ________ (Adverb, verb), it can only mean one thing: ______ (curse word). What the _____ (expletive) were the executives ______ (verb ending in "ing") when they thought this was a ______ (adjective) ______ (noun). I mean ______ (name of a religious figure). And for it to make ______ (number) dollars at the box office? ______ (made up word to express anger).

Everything else _____ (past tense verb) significantly. The ______ (adjective) Dog dropped the lowest with a 16.5% change, bringing its total to ______ (number) ______ (plural noun). But pretty much everything else is starting to ______ (verb) out, while new movies keep coming up to bat. And yet, they still hold on, ______ (verb ending in "ing") for one last hope before the lucrative home ______ (noun) market.

Below the ______ (noun), the new ______ (noun) movie opened on 439 ______ (plural noun) and took in $628,000. Not bad. We also had ______ (noun) which managed to ______ (bad play on words involving smoking) $260,000 on 5 screens, making it the highest average per ______ (noun) with $52,000 at each ______(synonym for last noun).

And in the "just because it's there and because I can" series: ______ (title) took in $______ (number) on ______(different number) screens, bringing it's ______ (noun) to $______ (another number) in 11 ______ (noun).

There you have my wonderful break down. Next ______ (noun), we have a little movie from the guys who wrote the ______ (noun) movie. We're also gonna get ______ (Made up word), a heartwarming tale of a ______ (noun) and his lovable ______ (animal), who go off in search of ______ (your favorite food). I'm sure that will make ______ (another made up word) Studios a whole lot of ______ (foreign money name). Ha Ha ______ (exclamation)!

Until next weekend.... ______ (Insert witty ending here)

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