Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I already heart Teeter, now you should as well.

I've made mention of her a few times around these parts. Teeter is the bees knees, and helped me survive through the treks of Utah.

And I mentioned the driving around in the van solving mysteries part, as well as the family forming the mountain band.

But today, her "record drops", as they like to say in the business. Actually, I don't know if anybody likes saying that, but I'll be damned if I don't enjoying saying it.

Record drops. Sounds like an unpleasant cough drop.

Anyway, Teeter's record is released to the general public as of today. I can't find out how to actually purchase it, however. General wisdom would conclude that you could pick it up in a store, or perhaps over the internet.

And wouldn't you know it? That produced the results I was looking for over at Amazon.com! I'm sure there are other ways (perhaps by supporting your local music store that would carry such items as compact discs), or you could bug Teeter yourself and try to finagle a free copy. I'll tell you this much, that method has yet to work for me.

There's also a fun little interview that popped up while I was tracking down the album. (I wanted to say that I googled Teeter, but that sounds kinda rude. And a little downright silly on a sonic level).

So go and pick yourself up a Ladybirds CD today, why dontcha? You'll like it, and the more she sells, the easier it will be to finance that van.

(Updates coming, including tons of reviews. Work's been kicking my ass a lot lately)

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