Monday, August 27, 2007

I am Mike-lovin!

I finally saw Superbad. With a title like Superbad, one is inclined to rely on a pun involving the title. For example, if I was Gene Shalit or someone, I would say, "Superbad is Super-GREAT!". Or, "Superbad? More like SuperbadASS!!" Because I'm here to tell you something. It is that good. Superbadass, indeed.

This movie is amazing. I can't believe how damn funny this is, and it never slows down. What Bourne Ultimatum did with action, this movie does with comedy. No, that's putting it too far. My claim that The Simpsons Movie was the funniest of the summer has just been challenged. And in a battle between Homer and McLovin, you best believe that McLovin is gonna win.

Superbad is the story of Seth and Evan (Jonah Hill and Michael Cera), two outcast best friends at the close of their high school careers. They talk like boys talk, mostly about sex. And porn. And wangs. Prepare yourself for a lot of wang-speak in this picture. It's all the boys ever talk about.

So the movie is about the boys on their quest to procure booze for a party. If they bring the booze, they believe they'll impress the chicks they have crushes on but never have the cajones to actually say anything to. (Aside from some awkward, embarassing conversations that will forever taint your understanding of the phrase "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours).

The guys are perfect. Michael Cera has been doing the understated, awkward thing to perfection with his performance as George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development (Funniest show ever), and he takes it to even greater lengths here. And his rapport with Jonah Hill is brilliant. You get the feeling these guys are the best of friends and that no one else can truly accept them. (Something that leads to a bit of unchecked rage in Seth, but that's neither here nor there). Regardless, to hear their smutty rapport for almost two hours is just pure gold.

Naturally, the entire movie is stolen by McLovin. McLovin is the false name on the ID of Fogell, the even nerdier friend of the bunch. He's played by Chrisopher Mintz-Plasse. It's his first role, and I doubt he'll ever get a role as good as this ever again. The kid is unbelievable. He truly IS McLovin. There's some stuff with him and two cops, played by Seth Rogen and Bill Hader, that is outright genius. Many people have complained that the stuff with them slows the movie down, but it's some of the best parts. While Seth and Evan have the heart and sentimentality to go with their phallic fixations, McLovin has the greatest night of his young life and invites us all to join for the ride.

Superbad is pretty damn terrific. It's full of laughs that never stop. I could have watched another hour of this movie, to be honest with you. It's that entertaining. It's good to know that Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow are trying to bring us comedies that are truly hilarious, but not stupid. They've assembled great teams and actors (Greg Mottola, director of Superbad, has also directed episodes of Undeclared, and Arrested Development) and have done something great for the world. They brought us McLovin. And a notebook full of wang drawings.

Superbad kicks ass.

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