Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live Free or Dave Hyde


There is no comparison

I'm not seeing Live Free or Die Hard, unless someone else is buying. I don't believe it can be good. I was on the fence for a little while, but ultimately, the rating thing makes me believe that it's not the John McClane I know and love. (And couldn't let prom stop me from seeing opening night).

Luckily Dave Hyde (also known as Turkish Forever in the comments) took one for the team. I now give you his review, via text message*:

"Live Free or Die Hard.. WHY WHY?"
"Just got out. Disappointing. And I wasn't hoping for a lot"

There you have, straight from Dave Hyde, a man we all can trust**.

* I've also received a few more text message reviews for movies I haven't seen. Dan of DanSpeak's take on Hostel 2 is thus: Hostel 2 not as good as 1 needed more boobs and more gore. everything they did I've seen before except there is 1 "Oh Shht" (sic) thing towards the end."

And Valerie (of ValSpeak?) had this to say about 1408: 1408 was solid, by the way.

So there you go.

**Dave Hyde can also be trusted to get annoying classic rock songs stuck in your head. Tim and I have both sang "I've Seen All good People" for WEEKS after going to the movies with him one time. One day, Tim and I got "Carry On My Wayward Son" stuck in our heads, without Dave being around, but we blamed him anyway. Upon hearing this, he confessed that he would have gotten around to it eventually.

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