Saturday, March 24, 2012

You need to stop whatever it is you're doing right now


Check out this ridiculous trailer:

The movie is literally a 2 hour version of this! Just dudes fighting non stop in a building! SWAT team goes into a building run by a crime lord. Said crime lord turns loose all the criminals inside the building to attack aforementioned SWAT team. Dudes with machetes, and machine guns, and fluorescent lighting tubes and refridgerators and file cabinets and other people and FUCKING AXES are used as weaponry!!!!

This movie stretches the limits of violence* and bloodlust and it's every bit more amazing for it. I wanted a cigarette after the last fight scene, it was that amazing.

That being said, it's better than a flick like Ong Bak, which had amazing fights but pretty weak filmmaking skills surrounding them. This guy knows how to direct a movie, how to ratchet tension, how to let a shot play out in a long take instead of quick cutting. It's really well done in that respect. (Even if the camera man could use a tripod sometimes).

 And don't let the "Music from the Linkin Park guy" scare you off, it works in a very badass John Carpenter way. 

But yeah, if you like violent movies and you life being a man there's no other movie you should be seeing at all. AT ALL!! EVER!!! Fathers, show this movie to your sons so they know what ass kicking is all about. It makes Hard Boiled look like Rules of the Game!

I need to punch some glass right now!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE AND GET READY TO HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED OFF!!!

*(Along these lines, I don't know if you've been following the Bully controversy, but, while I think it's a publicity ploy and annoying - if you're gonna say "Fuck" in your movie, then say it and don't complain that it gets an R - it is ridiculous that it gets an R while this also gets an R and has more stabbings than I've ever seen outside of a Benihana). 


R.BillMountain said...

Oh my dear sweet lord yes I need to see this now it's only playing in NY and it better get to Jersey soon so I can get together with men and like men freaking watch dudes kick other dudes in the head for 90 minutes and I hate run on sentences but how else to describe the desire to see the goddamn Raid that's how it should be promoted it's the GODDAMN RAID...Redemption.

The Dude Speaks said...

Yes to all of those things.