Sunday, December 26, 2010

Box Office Report: The Dude abides this holiday season

Dude here again. Bringing you the final box office report of 2010! It's been an interesting year at best. It started with the Avatar sweep, and ended with a Fockin' whimper. In between, we had disappointment in quality and profit. Sure some movies shined, but nothing really wowed anybody, or justified their monetary intake.

Except that Jackass 3D. That deserved every penny.

This weekend, the holiday brings us lots of fun new presents that some unwrapped and others wish they got a sweater instead. Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. The actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Little Fockers (Uni)- $34.0, 3536 screens, week 1, $48.3 total

2. True Grit (Par)- $25.6, 3047 screens, week 1, $36.8 total

3. Tron Legacy (BV) - $20.1, 3451 screens, week 2, $88.2 total

4. The Chronicles of Narnia… (Fox) - $10.8, 3350 screens, week 3, $63.9 total

5. Yogi Bear (WB)- $8.8, 3515 screens, week 2, $36.7 total

6. The Fighter (Par) $8.5, 2511 screens, week 3, $27.5 total

7. Gulliver's Travels (Fox)- $7.2, 2546 screens, week 1, $7.2 total (Sat open)

8. Black Swan (FoxS) - $6.6, 1466 screens, week 4, $29.0 total

9. Tangled (BV) - $6.5, 2582 screens, week 5, $143.7 total

10. The Tourist (Sony)- $5.7, 2756 screens, week 3, $41.1 total

So those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means that they've managed to stretch that "Focker" joke for a full decade now, and people still keep laughing. Kinda sad, really. What's even sadder is that a lot of these numbers are lower due to bad weather that's slamming the east coast at the moment.

If you're Jeff Bridges. you've gotta pretty pleased, man. The number 2 & 3 movies, kicking ass, taking names… There's nothing he can't do, and don't you try to stop him. He's the Dude, man.

Be honest, how many of you thought the Gulliver's Travels movie starring Jack Black was a practical joke? Like some sort of Tropic Thunder remnant? Judging by that number, I'm guessing a lot of you did. Although it did only open on Saturday, so who knows, it might outshine Yogi Bear.

Nothing about that last sentence is any good to anybody.

Apologies for missing last week's obvious pun of How Do You Know, but seeing that it's no longer in the top ten, I guess nobody knew it actually was a movie either.

Fun Fact: The top ten list this week contains movies from The Coen brothers, Darren Aronofsky, AND David O Russell, which makes my film nerd heart jump with glee, as it should yours.

Below the radar, Somewhere, the latest film from Sofia Coppola, took in $142,000 on 7 screens, having the highest per screen average out of all! Also opening, The Illusionist, an animated romp from the man who brought us the Triplets of Belleville, taking in $50,600 on 3 screens.

So there, you have my amazing break down. Next week, it's nothing! Absolutely nothing. I love when that happens.

Until next weekend....
(All Numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

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