Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Things To While Away the Hours at Work.

Here's a video for a band, or something. They're called Hollerado. My friend Daphne was involved in the video's creation.

Fun Fact: She also appears in the video, in the box on the bottom row, second from the left.

Here's a link to the preview for The Revenged, an Ed Klau joint. I didn't edit the trailer that runs, but I edited the scene that I have to finish cutting so we can put it on the site. Also, note that the trailer starts right up when you click the link, just be warned in case of weird noises.

And here's a video of a bullet spinning on ice, after being shot. I assume this means you shouldn't try it at home, but lord knows you want to.

You really really want to.

Talkin Tweeners: in case anybody cares, I still haven't seen Facebook movie, but I did see The Town (Quite Solid), Let Me In (Very Solid, if wholly unnecessary) and Resident Evil 4, which I summed up as the greatest Tool video ever made.

Looking back at that paragraph, I think I have to devise some sort of review system, something akin to "Thumbs Up", yet incorporating the word "Solid."

ie. "Fuckin Solid" = 5 stars
"Quite Solid" = 4 stars
"Solid"= etc.

I don't know, just something to think about.

WERE YOU AWARE... that the majority of traffic directed to this site randomly from Google Search is the word "Kuato" the misspelled "Cuato"?

So let's give the people what they want. More Cuato!!!
Open Your Mind

(For what it's worth, I always hoped I would be searched out for that Karl Urban quote fixation I had awhile back).
I did too, Dude - K.U.

Are there any Wes Anderson fans out there? Here's a nifty link to some early work he did while still in school. I found it interesting, but I also haven't subscribed to the hipster notion that he sucks isn't at the level he used to be. Again, I don't subscribe to it.

And speaking of Wes Anderson...

(Didn't think you'd get away without that, did you?)

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