Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Round Up!

There's a couple of things stirring up on the old internets that are worthy of your interest.


First up, another wacky editorial over at Moviesonline, this time about bad date movies.

There's also a review for From Paris With Love and District B13: Ultimatum up there.


Next, friend of the blog Brian Dickett has finally granted an interview! Here's his press release:

This is Brian Dickett. I'm sending you all a quick update on some of the exciting projects I worked on over the past year. I was interviewed by an online magazine called "Eerie Digest," which showcases people who work in the film industry on projects of a supernatural nature. Among the topics I discuss are:

1. "Night of the Demons" - a feature film where I was the Lead Digital Artist.
2. "Monster Mutt" - a fantastic feature film for kids that I was delighted to be the Visual Effects Supervisor on.
3. "Ghost Writer" - a pilot for a TV show for which I was the Second Unit Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Editor.
4. PlasterCITY - An amazing Post-Production house in LA where I will be helping with their new visual effects department.

You can read all about it @:

Scroll down to find the article, but I'd also encourage you to read the articles with Julian Moss and Joe Taranto. I worked with them on the "Ghost Writer" pilot and they're incredible people.

So check that out at the link provided. It's a fun read of a fascinating man.

(He's somewhere in this picture. At the very least, it's his house. the chap is quite elusive).

And finally, here's, uhhh... CUTE THINGS EXPLODING!!!

This comes courtesy of Andrew Bentler, the man responsible for the opening title sequence for Night 2 of THE STORM! (Also a major force in the Fantastic Mr. Anderson video I'm curiously not posting for once). He's an all around resident genius. They've even got shirts made! Check out his madness.

And why not one more weird thing? Here's a picture of my cup, after I drank most of the root beer that was in it. This picture is not doctored.

Made my day. Hopefully it does the same for you. Pay it forward!


EditBrian said...

You totally posted my article - hilarious - but not nearly as bossome as "Cute Things Exploding"! Cheers, bud!

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Of course, man. You're my biggest fan, afterall.

At least, that's what all these creepy packages I've been receiving with dolls made of hair mailed from your house is telling me.

Mike said...

What a handsome devil...