Monday, November 23, 2009

I write stuff sometimes - UPDATED WITH MORE AWESOMENESS!!

I have a Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans review, as well as an anti-review of Twilight: New Moon. Check them out! Please!

Later this week, my amazing interview with Wes Anderson that will melt your face off!!!

Apparently the Star Trek guys are such nerds, they threw in R2D2. This made me like the movie even more.


The long awaited reunion of Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme has been bestowed upon us, with the release of this trailer for Universal Soldier: Regeneration!

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R.BillMountain said...

How could Ewoks possibly ruin New Moon?

You know what I already think Avatar needs? A native race of freedom fighters who have already bested one evil empire of imperialistic humans... Ewoks.