Thursday, February 12, 2009

The way sports should be

Now that we live in the future, I must say I am uber-disappointed in our ability as a society to catch up to the technologies that movies told us we'd have. Sure, we may be at the brink of a dystopian society the likes of which we have never seen, but that doesn't mean we can't TRY to match these things right?

I'm not talking about flying cars, because normal people can't drive normal cars. If we had flying cars, while it certainly would solve some population control elements, it would not be, as the kids would say a good thing at all.

But dammit, I want the sports of the future! I want landmines in the football fields, and zero G race cars that drive on psychadelic rainbow roads! I want The Running Man, with their cadre of stalkers chasing criminals through satire!

And most importantly, I want FIREBALL!!!!


turkish forever said...

That looks absurd...but is it absurdly good or just absurd I am not sure.

R.BillMountain said...

There's only two things that could make this picture better...Tony Jaa, and trampolines.