Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yesterday was Valentine's Day

It wasn't the worst one (that was 2 years ago), and it wasn't the best one (which is a tie between last year and the BOSSOME year that Holmes and I went to MONSTER TRUCK JAM!!). There was nothing of note worth reporting about. I did laundry. (And some jerk moved my clothes out of the washer after like, a minute. Then he left his shit in there all through the time I used the dryer. What a jerk.)

But what is of note is that for the past few years in Jersey on Valentine's day, I would always hang out with Becca. Usually go see the cheesy romantic movie that was coming out (especially if it starred Drew Barrymore). Last year, I had a special lady friend, but this year I'm out here on my own. And I don't even get to go the movies with Becca, and this year there's a cheesy romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore AND Hugh Grant. (I like Grant. You like Grant? You don't like Grant? What're you a xenophobe? Go fuck yourself).

So since I didn't get to see it, I present this.


-Brady said...

come on now, what about the time you and I saw Amelie on V-Day,
Hold Fast

turkish forever said...

I couldnt in good conscience continue to watch that video.

Hey there is nothing wrong with liking Hugh Grant, if thats what you like. I am not saying I am into Hugh Grant but there isnt anything wrong with it.

shaygo said...

i love hugh grant -- love him...possibly more than i love anybody the world.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

The Amelie Valentine's Day remains at a solid #2. While it was perfectly servicable it contained neither of the two things that made the top spot: snogging and/or monster trucks. And pie.

I'm a simple man.

And for the naysayers out there, think about Hugh Grant in About a Boy. He OWNS in that flick.

Becca said...

I love this video, I love Drew, I love Hugh & I love Pop Up Video & I love this song and how it reminds me of a simpler time that I really don't remember since I was 3.

Pop! Goes my Heart

GO SEE THIS MOVIE - IT IS AMAZING & Mike rules because he sent DARK chocolate covered cherries to my job for V-day

Becca said...

I am going to eat one of those cherries right now