Sunday, February 25, 2007

Box Office Report: 2-25-07

Dude here again, coming at you with an exciting set of numbers on this lovely Oscar weekend. Out here in kinda cloudy California, you'd think God was coming to town, this place is a madhouse. Traffic is nonsense, and people are dressing up in shiny outfits. I'm going to a party tonight that's going to be far more ornate than any Super Bowl party I've attended. People love these Oscars. Except me, because they caused me a lot of hassle on Friday, when all I was trying to do was work, and deliver something to the building with the pretty girl I don't have the cajones to ask out. Stupid Oscars.

This weekend, I can tell you with great authority that the top films this week will NOT receive any Oscars tonight, mainly because they came out this year, but also because they're not very good. (Not that THAT seems to matter to Academy members, given the lack of recognition for Children of Men). But I digress. Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates, the actuals will be available on Monday. Just to prove me wrong).

1. Ghost Rider (Sony) - $19.7, 3620 screens, week 2, $78.66 total

2. The Number 23 (NL) - $15.1, 2759 screens, week 1, $15.1 total

3. Bridge to Terabithia (BV) - $13.57, 3139 screens, week 2, $46.2 total

4. Reno 911!: Miami (Fox) - $10.4, 2702 screens, week 1, $10.4 total

5. Norbit (DW) - $9.7, 3145 screens, week 3, $74.67 total

6. Music and Lyrics (WB) - $8.0, 2955 screens, week 2, $32.06 total

7. Breach (Uni) - $6.159, 1493 screens, week 2, $20.468 total

8. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls (LG)- $5.25, 2111 screens, week 2, $25.567 total

9. The Astronaut Farmer (WB)- $4.5, 2155 screens, week 1, $4.5 total

10. Amazing Grace (IDP) - $4.3, 791 screens, week 1, $4.3 total

Ok, those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means that you just can't stop the Ghost Rider. Sure, you can slow him down (to the tune of almost 57% less than last week), but he's still the Duke, A number 1.

The news of Ghost Rider taking the top spot with $19 million and change is bad news for New Line, where I envision every executive would have gotten something shiny had The Number 23 opened with $23 million. It did not achieve this feat (although, if it tanks horribly in the next week, it still could just gross that much), but came in second. Respectable, but I'm sure this means that people are going to insist Jim Carrey stick with comedies (which he shouldn't) and that Joel Schumacher should stop making movies. (I'm indifferent on this, mainly because I feel that the screenwriter of Batman and Robin is to blame, and he should have his Oscar taken away from him on general principle).

Reno 911: Miami took in a respectable amount, but will not be a huge shock to the industry, thus sparing me the torture that would have been "Mind of Mencia: The Movie". Still, I like the Reno guys, and I wish the movie well in the following weeks, in the hopes it gets repeat viewers. (Despite the fact that this movie has cult classic written all over it).

The Astronaut Farmer took in a small amount, but it was the best reviewed flick of the week, so if quality and money have an inverse proportion, then I guess anyone could have seen this coming from a mile away. (Much like the ending of the film, which is given away in the trailers). And Amazing Grace took the tenth spot. What is Amazing Grace? It's a British film, I think. It's got the guy who played Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards. (You try spelling his name), and it's a landmark case in Britain, or something. I don't know, but it took in an impressive amount of money for something I had no idea existed. So, there's surprises for us all, huh?

Wow, I learned something today!

And in the "Because It's There" series: Children of Men took in $217,000 on 154 screens, bringing it's grand total to $34,924,000 in 9 weeks.

There you have my break down. Next week, we get Zodiac, which looks pretty cool considering it's Fincher, and he's a solid fellow. But more importantly, we are that much closer to the release of 300, which will OWN ALL. I have spoken.

Until next weekend....


-Brady said...

yo dude,
I just saw children of men. it effing rocked. it is now my all time favorite flick, it topped Brazil, City of Lost Children, Rocky and Barbarian Queens, quite a feat but man, was it good.
Hold Fast-

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Whoa whoa whoa... better than Barbarian Queens? Bite your tongue, good man.

-Brady said...

You're right, you're right, I was talking crazy. The unrated version of Barbarian Queens is better, but Childern of Men is better than the Rated R version, but of course we all know the only real version is the Unrated cut.
Hold Fast-