Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bossomeness... in its purest form.

I drive the Prius. I like driving the Prius. Her name is Serenity. She gets me where I need to go, comfortably and with style. All while helping the environment. (She's also not this particular model, but I don't have any pictures of Serenity that aren't complete blurs, or involve something... incriminating in the photo. Serenity has black exterior and tan interior. And when the script sells, maybe a sun roof).

Now, one of the more... amusing, shall we say, aspects of my vehicle is when you throw her into reverse. Apparently, in the older models, since the car is so quiet, people didn't realize that they were in reverse, and this caused accidents. So, due to numerous stupidities, the factory installed a beeping mechanism within the car, so you know you're in reverse. Only within the car, mind you, not outside as if I were driving a large cargo van.

(This was the source of MUCH amusement with my old girlfriend, who would giggle every time. It should also be noted that, on our first date, she pushed me to see how fast my car can go in reverse, which is a mind blowing 19mph. And there was beeping the whole time. And laughter. Hell, she STILL laughs when she hears it. She tries to hide it, but I catch her).

So, there's the beeping. most times it's amusing, some times, it's annoying.

But the other day, something miraculous happened. Something I could never plan for, and I'll be damned if I could ever repeat it.

See, while reversing, the beep beep beep of the reverse warning aligned PERFECTLY with the beat of the music I was listening to. It was amazing. A glorious moment of serendipity. I sat there, stunned, and truly jazzed that stuff like this still happens. Seriously, it wasn't even offf half a beat or anything, there was no gradual slow down or out of phasing. Straight down the beat. I'm a drummer, and I couldn't have nailed that beat down as perfectly as my stereo and my gear shift conspired to that day.

Sadly, I forgot to get the track name (It was by Caribou, an album I picked up on a whim for my birthday because Tower had NOTHING in stock when I went there), and I don't think I'll ever be able to line things up the same way again. But there was a brief moment when all was right with the world.

Then reality (and the Dodge Neon behind me) came crashing in.

PS- You may notice the word Bossomeness at the top of the article. I forgot to mention that, on a cold weekend in December, I discovered that the word "awesome" and the word "Boss" sometimes can't just convey how truly amazing some things are. However, when you combine the words, and create "BOSSOME", a whole new world of possibility awaits you. Therefore, I humbly submit my creation to the lexicon: Bossome.

I'm awaiting the Nobel call any day now.

...you can't take the sky from me....


shaygo said...

i knew serenity was the best name for your car.

but what isn't clear is whether or not the dodge neon and you got into an accident. . .is serenity hurt?

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Oh no, I just thought that was a dramatic effect.

Serenity is fine, rest assured. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself by saying that, but still, wasn't that a great way to end the story?

Showmanship, shaygo. Showmanship.

PS- Thanks for help with the name, and make sure you tell that loser you shack up with the same thing. And that I got sick and forgot to send Story, and will do so when I get some money this week.

Rob said...

Send Story!