Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Dude speaks again

Greetings all. The dude here. After the sudden loss of DudeSpeak to the powers that be, I decided to take my act out on the road. SO here's the new spot to hear (or more to the point, READ) all my glorious words of criticism on all things that relate to me, because let's face it, it's what I do best.

If by doing things best, you mean rant and rave about things that only about 20 people will care about.

But it's that 21st person that'll be the kicker.

Anyway, I'll be posting movie reviews (which you can occasionally read on, keeping you all informed about crazy life in LA (because nobody's EVER done that), there'll be some fun little Chuck Klosterman type essays about the world and popular culture (even though the more I read him, the more I feel like I wrote these things, and if I weren't so obsessed with BRAFF I would say more, but fact is, I like the guy and his writings are pretty on the nose as far as my mentality goes). It's gonna be a lot of fun. If I can remember to keep up with it.

Maybe that's why I lost dudespeak in the first place.


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