Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Books... Check em out!

Occasionally I enjoy reading. More than occasionally, actually. Books are great. Just like this informative video tells us.

So recently I picked up The Devil's Candy, a book that chronicles the making of the Hollywood flop Bonfire of the Vanities. Nobody could have known while making it that the film would be as large a flop as it became.

(And certainly reading the book, you would have no idea that would happen, as it seemed to be a relatively easy shoot, not an unmitigated disaster of nonsense like Heaven's Gate or that Terry Gilliam film that never made it past 6 days of filming.)

All in all, it's a decent read, but what really makes it worth it, at least reading my copy of it, was this horribly inappropriate pull quote on the back from Kirkus Reviews.

That's one to grow on
Sure, it was from 1991, and there was no possible way of knowing what future events would lie in store, but, really, how fucked up a quote is this to say to begin with? On top of which, the book isn't really that ground breaking or provocative, or scandalous. It's quite passive agressive and full of meandering details that amount to nothing in the end.

Still, looks like I have a collectors' item on my hands.

Books... check em out!

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