Tuesday, March 08, 2011

R. Bill Mountain's Response to the last post.

Due to Charlie Sheen taking up all the bandwidth server errors on the blogspot part, R. Bill Mountain, one of the six of you who still read this site, was unable to voice his opinion on the matter.

I now present to you his response:

Darn blogger wouldn't let me sign in to comment on yer blog. So here it is:

Agreed. Less marketing nonsense, more cinephilia. Fewer numbers, greater Karl Urban gags. Amen.

Time to make it about the pictures, man.


So there you have it. More Urban!!!

Who could refuse such an offer?

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R.BillMountain said...

I got my own blog post! These are very exciting times!

In an age when branding and marketing killed a freaking TOM CRUISE STARRING JAMES CAMERON PRODUCED GUILLERMO DEL TORO DIRECTED BLOCKBUSTER you know something is very wrong. Let's put the show back in show business, suckas.