Sunday, December 21, 2008

Box Office Report: Birthday Edition!

Dude here again. Coming to you on that most special of holiday weekends... The Dave Hyde Birthday Weekend. That's right, it comes so fast every year, and you don't even realize that it's Dave Hyde's birthday all of a sudden. My, how time flies. So Happy Birthday Dave Hyde! My gift to you is some box office numbers.

This weekend, two heavy duty stars had major releases, and a slew of award-minded flicks expand their release platforms. How did they all fare on Dave Hyde Birthday Weekend? Let's go to the numbers, shall we? (All in millions, remember, and these are the studio estimates. The actuals will be available on Monday).

1. Yes Man (WB)- $18.1, 3434 screens, week 1, $18.1 total

2. Seven Pounds (Sony) - $16.0, 2758 screens, week 1, $16.0 total

3. The Tale of Despereaux (Uni) - $10.5, 3104 screens, week 1, $10.5 total

4. The Day The Earth Stood Still (Fox)- $10.1, 3560 screens, week 2, $48.6 total

5. Four Christmases (NL) - $7.7, 3515 screens, week 4, $100.1 total

6. Twilight (Sum) $5.2, 2991 screens, week 5, $158.4 total

7. Bolt (BV) - $4.2, 2968 screens, week 5, $95.0 total

8. Slumdog Millionaire (FoxS) - $3.1, 589 screens, week 6, $12.1 total

9. Australia (Fox) - $2.3, 2212 screens, week 4, $41.9 total

10. Quantum of Solace (Sony)- $2.1, 1874 screens, week 6, $161.3 total

So those are the numbers, but what do they mean? Well, it means that Jim Carrey and Will Smith COMBINED can't match the power of Will Smith on his own in a crappy superhero movie. Jim Carrey's Yes Man took the top perch on the list, followed closely by Mr. Smith's Seven Pounds, and neither did as well as both actor's previous outings. Is it signs of a struggling economy? Bad word of mouth on both flicks? Too many people out shopping for Dave Hyde? The world may never know, but next week should prove both films' legs, as a whole batch of new movies will also be in contention.

Also opening this week is The Tale of Despereaux, an animated film I'm assuming is based on a children's book I've never read. I think there's a mouse involved. There are probably celebrity voices making the animals speak, too. It did a paltry $10 million, but that's still better than last week's animated offering Delgo, which has apparently been yanked from every theater it was released in last week. (Over 2000 screens! It's a record!)

Everything else seems to be mopping up some cash while they still have a chance, before the big holiday guns unload upon an unsuspecting public. Give it time, by January, many prestige titles will be peaking their heads up in the top ten, along with holiday holdovers. However, it is nice to see Slumdog Millionaire on the top ten right now, as it gains award recognition. It's about time audiences discover one of the year's best movies.

Below the radar, opening up on 4 screens is The Wrestler, a film that has many people talking about Mickey Rourke's lead performance. It made $295,000 in 4 screens since opening on Wednesday. This will increase, as the level of Oscar buzz continues for Rourke. Personally, I think the film bears too much of a resemblance to my friend Bill Bradley's senior film, in which yours' truly portrayed a wrestler facing the biggest match of his life: Wrestling his drinking problem.

In honor of it being Dave Hyde's Birthday Weekend, I'm obliged to point out that Death Race came out on DVD, and that you should watch it and think of how much Dave enjoys the Dreadnaught. That thing is BADASS!!!

There you have my amazing break down. Next week, aforementioned holiday guns!

Until next weekend.......

(The Periodic Table Of Awesoments)


R.BillMountain said...

Man, that drinking problem sure whipped your ass. If only the One Man Army had lived, he could go crack a bottle over Aronofsky's head for me.


(I'll have to give up this grudge someday, if only to retain my digni...oh my balls!)

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Kudos on the ball shot, good sir.

Wrestler is TOTALLY New Jersey. Like the living representation of a Bruce Springstein song. I thought it was actually pretty fantastic, even though it really IS a massive extension of the ideas you were conveying with The Love Man.

(Not to be confused with the Love Guru, which was only concerned with distributing pain)