Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Damn Fine Interweb Television

So, this is one of those streaming web shows. It's not very good, and is almost cringe inducing. Seriously. I'll hold onto my opinions about everything involving this show out of a modicum of respect for the fact that they have their own show, and I sit here and bitch and moan on my blog. But it's seriously painful.

However, this particular episode features a goddamn genius. Go to any moment in the show (it is very long, and definitely not appropriate for a work environment, so feel free to skip around) and listen to the guy in the sunglasses speak. He makes it all worthwhile. He is also the director of the music videos, which are also worth checking out. (Again, they are not safe for the work environment. At least the final one is).

So check it out.

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