Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The reason I've been slackin in my movie reviews...

Is because I've been watching TV. Lots of TV. There's a lot of good stuff on there this season. There's also a lot more I'm missing, but here's a quick rundown I want to post. I'll get into more detail... well, if more people watch these shows and let me know.

(The Lost forums will return when that show does, but right now, there are so many damn shows, I'm kinda glad I get to wait for a bit).

Chuck: Slow to start off. But it's getting better, and I think it will turn into something good.

Journeyman: Decent idea... when it was called Quantum Leap. I find this show joyless and stopped watching after the pilot. But roommate Dan (he of DanSpeak) continues to watch and enjoy. So we'll see.

Reaper: It's kind of like a better Chuck, but with the sensibility of Buffy. Plus, it has the extra added bonus of KROGER! Actually, Tyler Labine, who plays Sock, and almost steals the entire show, if Ray Wise (Laura Palmer's killer - spoiler) didn't already do it. Fun times, I hope they can stick with it.

Heroes: If there's enough interest (from T-bone), I'll start recapping and discussing theories of this show. I really dig this show, and not just because I have a crush on a girl I know who works on it. (Which is good, because she used to work for Gray's Anatomy, and I just couldn't bring myself to watch that show.) This season is interesting, and it's just starting to take off after three weeks of set up. And Sylar is fast becoming my favorite character. (Hiro lost points because his story is kind of going nowhere).

Prison Break: Apparently it's in its' third season. I avoided the show because Brett Ratner was involved. I fully admit I was wrong. I haven't seen the other two seasons yet, but this third season is pretty damn kick ass. Highly enjoyable.

NBC Thursday Night Line-up: Hands down, the greatest night of television. My Name is Earl is still as consistent as always, even if it still prefers sap to absurdity. You still can't beat Jason Lee's mustache. The Office is almost as brilliant as the UK version taht spawned it. (Almost). But 30 Rock is turning out to be genius. This past episode was on par with Arrested Development in terms of comedic brilliance. From the "You Do The Meth" pamphlet (which advocated Crystal Meth as a viable weight loss option) to the presence of Will Arnett (pure gold, even in lesser works like Brothers Solomon and Let's Go To Prison), I almost wet myself with laughter.

The most brilliant bit of all, though? Werewolf Barmitzvah.

The Simpsons/Family Guy- Both shows I feel I have to love, but lately, I'm not feeling it. Simpsons really is hit and miss (although the episode with Maggie a few weeks back was the Lincoln) on a week to week basis. And Family Guy, it always makes me laugh, but ever since that South Park episode pretty much nailed what every joke in the show is, I haven't been able to watch it properly. The Star Wars episode, while awfully funny in parts, was damn weak. They should have just played it straight. (They practically did anyway). Still, both series have their moments, and I am forced to watch them.

I haven't seen too many other shows yet. (Pushing Daisies episodes are adding up on the DVR). Any suggestions? Besides Rock of Love and America's Next Top Model?

Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves.


Becca said...

A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila is the new winner - don't miss out!

(and Rock of Love 2 is coming early next year!!!)

T-Bone said...

Dude, watch pushing daisies. Easily the best new show of the season. Its alot like wonderfalls (which unfortunately means it will probably get cancelled). But where it is lacking in that Tim Minear sarcastic wit it makes it up in the Sonnenfeld surrealism. Definitely worth a look.

Oh, and bring on the Heroes chat. I wasn't too fond of the first few episodes, but they won me back with yesterday's.

Hungry Ghost said...

I agree with t-bone. watch pushing daisies. i thought it was going to be pure crap - it's actually really good.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

Yes, I concur with T-Bone AND the Hungry Ghost. (That sounds like a bad band name, at a truck stop in Oklahoma. T-Bone and the Hungry Ghost, Live tonight at the Stellany Pony!)

Anyway, yes, I agree. I just watched the first two episodes, and it is far and away the best new show on right now. So wonderful. I think the ratings for it are decent, so maybe it won't suffer the fate of every other show we like. (I'm looking at you Firefly, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, et al, Brutus)