Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!!!

I've been on vacation. My first paid vacation. It was unbelievable. Very relaxing. I won $4 at video black jack and decided I was good. I didn't do anything on the caliber of going into Coca Cola world with a Pepsi (true story, 4 years ago) or pass out those flyers for hookers (also, true story, 2 years ago). But I did walk all over Vegas in a tux, telling passsers by that "the bitch left me at the alter". In a town with free drinks everywhere, you'd think that would get me some booze.

Alas, I shall chronicle my exploits in a later post, but I just wanted to let my seven faithful readers know that I'm still alive. And I look damn fine in a tux, even if my eyes are barely there. (That would be the open bar).

(Becca got very tan from all the hours by the pool. I, however, am now a lovely shade of pink.)


turkish forever said...

Love the tux

shaygo said...

i'll be the first to say it:

you look adorable in that picture!

Brian said...

I'll be the second to say you look adorable in that suit. And then the first to say I'm lying. And then the first to say you look BOSSOME. Oh, and that trip was off the hook - I mean in a way that it wasn't even ON the hook at all - like hookless.