Sunday, December 24, 2006

Kickin Back With A Holiday Classic

Ahhh, the Happy Hannukwanzmas season. It's a time of great stress, filled with good timeries and joyous festivities. Mostly involving alcohol. Sometimes gifts are involved.

Anyway, it's been a crazy couple of weeks out here in La La land, and I apologize for my lack of posts. I finally got work, and that's been kicking my ass. It's nothing glamorous at all, but it's fun and vaguely inspiring at the moment, if you can believe it.

I have seen some flicks lately that I need to get some reviews up, but let me give you the ultra short version regarding Apocalypto: It's horrible. I couldn't believe it. I also caught Casino Royale again, and I must say that movie kicks a lot of ass. I'll have my Top Ten of the year soon, because I'm arrogant and I love letting it be known what I think of movies and how I rank them. But I have to see a few more movies first that I think are contenders for my affection, so I shall give them their fair share.

So, it being my predominant holiday of Xmas, I decided I'd offer some fun holiday movie traditions I have. There's only one, really. Although if I were still in New Jersey, I feel that Becca and I would be sitting down to enjoy Elf right about now.

But there's only one real Xmas movie that towers over all. I speak naturally of DIE HARD!!!

Die Hard kicks an obscene amount of ass, as it manages to become an across the board holiday favorite. Sure, you may tire of the overabundance of Christian decorations, and the obnoxious way cashiers and barristas insist on saying "Happy Holidays" everywhere. But there's no denying how people of all faiths can put their support and love behind that loveable rascal John McClane.

Quite possibly the only cool advantage to staying out here in LA for Xmas is that I get to celebrate it so close to Nakatomi plaza. I actually got to go there the other day, and seeing it all decked out for the holiday makes me want to renact scenes in the lobby. (I mean I'd do it it if I wouldn't get arrested, although THAT would be something worth getting arrested for. Along with soliciting myself to PAc Man fetishists for cash).

So Merry Xmas everybody. And Yippee kay yay, motherfuckers!

Oh, and may your Boxing Day be the boxiest.

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