Thursday, July 06, 2006

Does anyone like "Crash"?

And not the weird Daivd Cronenberg one where people have sex after car crashes. (Which was on the TV one time in the background while I was having sex and it kind of freaked me out).

(Yes, I felt you needed to know that) .

I speak of the one that robbed The Devil's Rejects of the Best Picture Academy Award this year. The movie that is pretty good, but is a little overly simplified. But the acting's pretty damn fine in it. Even though it subscribes to the "Philadelphia" school of discrimination.

Anyway, I was trolling through the "interweb", which they now have on computers, and I came across this very funny summing up of Crash.

Simplistic? Most definitely. But spot on.

Check out some of those other scripts this guy has dutifully summed up for our convenience. I remember the Phantom Menace script written awhile ago. the best character was Samuel L. Jackson.


-Brady said...

I didn't like crash, either of them. by the way, how did they get away with calling it "crash" when there was already a "crash"? Maybe t-bone will know the answer to that one, he knows alot about how to find things on this so-called "in-ter-net" the kids are so crazy about these days.

Formerly, The Dude Spoke said...

CORRECTION: That last sentence should have read "Samuel L Motherfuckin Jackson"

"You can find anything you want on the internet. Anything at all" - Computo